This is a blog all about being healthy, eating right, exercising and being fit:)
Exercise. Health. Fitness. Food.

After battling annoxeria for over a year now, this blog is about finding a healthy and balanced weight! I no longer think its important to keep my gw or cw up here, since it has not yet reached a stabile place:) This blog keeps me motivated to stay healthy
Don't keep junk food in the house and you won't be tempted to eat it: Don't keep junk food in the house and you'll end up taking out the entire jar of nut butter with a spatula since it's the only thing around.
Binging is because of lack of self-control: Binging is because of unresolved emotional tensions or not allowing yourself to eat what you really want, when you really want it.
Have a cheat meal once in a while to cut down cravings: Don't put any foods off limits and they'll stop being so special.
Don't add sugar to anything because processed sugar is BAD: If adding a spoonful of sugar to your cocoa powdered oatmeal will satisfy your chocolate craving, don't pretend that unsweetened chocolate will satisfy you.
White flour is BAD, whole grains are GOOD: Food is not inherently good or bad. Food is neutral.
When you feel a craving coming on, it's because you're lacking x nutrient, so eat this food: When you feel a craving for chocolate coming on, eat half a chocolate bar instead of greek yogurt, a big bowl of fruit, three pieces of ezekiel bread, a cup of nuts, and three chocolate bars anyway.
Scrolling through pages of fitness models will motivate you to get in shape: Scrolling through pages of fitness models will cause feelings of inadequacy and self-disrespect.
Lack of discipline and self-control are responsible for fitness failures: Depriving yourself of what you really want and getting burned out on exercise are responsible for fitness failures.
You can look like this fit person if you stay on track: You will look like what healthy you is supposed to look like when you do exercise that makes you happy and eat foods that make your body AND mind feel good!
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